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Keep your car running smoothly and save big on future repairs by taking the time to invest in routine maintenance for your vehicle. Our experts will catch problems early on and keep up with all your car's needs, helping you avoid more costly issues down the road.

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A scheduled and consistent Maintenance Program is the best means to ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicle.


Work with the professionals that are ASE and Factory Master certified. We have more than 30 years of experience working with vehicles just like yours, so we know how to keep your car or SUV running well for years and years. Contact your local Better Business Bureau member today!

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•  BMW

•  Mercedes-Benz

•  Audi

•  Range Rover

•  Volkswagen

•  Volvo

•  Subaru


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"Like all the other reviews say, these guys are EXCELLENT! Sean has been servicing my 2001 Passat since it was new. It now has 175,000+ miles and it still runs like new. Totally honest, trustworthy, professional and talented crew! Don't go anywhere else."

- Craig K.

Since 2008, your friends and neighbors have trusted us for great maintenance!

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